Fun Crochet Pumpkins Decor

By | September 19, 2019

Ready for fall season? If not, I’ve got something for you. It’s nice to celebrate changing seasons with little home decorations. It’s even better, when you can make them yourself! I’m especially fond of Fun Crochet Pumpkins Decor this year, because it’s a theme that never gets old. Big or small, they can be put on the table or hung up on the wall. They will be amazing both for your Thanksgiving dinner, as well as Halloween. Beginners, be sure to try out pumpkin projects, because they are very easy and quick to make. Isn’t it the most satisfying thing in the world? Collect yarn ends from previous projects and crochet a bunch of differently sized pumpkins – your family and friends will love them! Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

Mini Pumpkin Bunting Free Crochet Pattern



These mini pumpkins are small, but they make a lovely bunting! Hang it over your window or decorate the fireplace.

Go to the pattern: Mini Pumpkin Bunting


Velvet Pumpkins Free Crochet Pattern

Velvet yarn is very popular these days, so if you have leftover ends to play with, make these fluffy pumpkins!

Go to the pattern: Velvet Pumpkins

Mini Pumpkin Place Cards Free Crochet Pattern

When organizing a big dinner, it’s nice to let guests know where are their seats. Use little crochet pumpkins to do so!

Go to the pattern: Mini Pumpkin Place Cards

Pumpkins Free Crochet Pattern

Cute pumpkins in three sizes are very easy to make and look great in different shades of orange.

Go to the pattern: Pumpkins

Adorable Pumpkins Free Crochet Pattern

Little rustic pumpkins use ribbed stitch to make this nice structured surface. It’s a true pleasure to make!

Go to the pattern: Adorable Pumpkins